Frequently Asked Questions

What is the capacity?

The Fantasy Hall can accommodate 200 people with tables and chairs with space for dancing, capacity could be up to 300 without a dance floor.

Or even more, if set up theater/conference style with no tables.

What is included in the rent?

Included in rent is 60” inch round tables, chairs for up to 200 guests, access starting from 8:00 am all day until 12:00 am. midnight, Stocked restrooms, prep area with triple sink, microwave, refrigerator and drink tubs.

What’s the rental rate?

Below are standard rates [Click Here for Package Pricing]



MONDAY:              $650.00 HALF DAY*        $850.00 FULL DAY        
TUESDAY:              $650.00 HALF DAY*        $850.00 FULL DAY     
WEDNESDAY:        $650.00 HALF DAY*        $850.00 FULL DAY        
THURSDAY:           $650.00 HALF DAY*        $850.00 FULL DAY       

FRIDAY:                  $1220.00 HALF DAY        $1700.00 FULL DAY     
SUNDAY:                $1220.00 HALF DAY        $1700.00 FULL DAY      

SATURDAY 2019:     $2500.00     FULL DAY ONLY
SATURDAY 2020:     $2500.00     FULL DAY ONLY

*HALF DAY TIME SLOTS ARE:     8:00 AM to 3:00 PM or 4:00 PM to MIDNIGHT


Can we bring our own catering?

Yes. You may bring in your own catering company or food. You don’t have to get our venue catering and there is no extra cost to you if you bring your own.

Is there air conditioned?

Yes, central heat and air plus ceiling fans.

What’s the parking capacity?

We can fit up to 65 vehicles and is handicapped accessible.

Do you provide security personnel?

Yes, we supply professional security personnel for an extra charge if requested by the client. 

Can we bring alcoholic beverages?

Yes, but no alcoholic beverages may be sold on the premises at any time!

No alcoholic beverages can be exchanged for donations, cannot be included in ticket sales, pre-sold, etc.

The person dispensing the alcoholic beverages has to have a valid permit from the Tennessee

Alcoholic Commission.

Can we charge cover at the door?

No, (few exceptions) and pre-approved in writing by Fantasy Hall management.

How do I reserve a date at the Fantasy Hall?

A deposit $300 and signed rental agreement will reserve your date. Click here to request date.

What happens if we cancel?

If you cancel your event for any reason you will lose your deposit.  If canceled within 120 days of event you will lose your deposit plus 30% of the total contracted amount.

What happens if there are natural causes (snow, flood, tornado, etc.) that impede us from celebrating our event?

You get full credit for another available date of equal or lesser value but it has to be within 12 months of the originally scheduled date.

What happens if there is something broken or missing from the venue?

Damages will be deducted from your deposit.

Is there a cleaning charge in addition to the rent?

Yes, it is your responsibility to clean after your event and return it the same way you received it. Unless otherwise arranged in the contract.

Can we contact you thru an event planner?

Yes, but host needs to sign rental agreement and the host is ultimately responsible for the venue during the rental period.

Can I get a copy of the rental agreement?

Yes. Click here for a copy of the rental agreement. 


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